History about Mon

The Mon are an ethnic group form Burma (Myanmar) living mostly in Mon State, the Bago Region and the lrrawaddy Delta and along the southern border of Thailand and Burma.

One of the earliest people to reside in Southeast Asia, the Mon were responsible for the spread of Theravada Buddhism in Indochina.

The Mon were a major source of influence on the culture of Burma.They speak the Mon Language and Burmese Language.

As you see the figure of birds, They are called Hinthar in Myanmar voice, Hamsa in Pail. It is a Brahmani duck.

Hinthar is the symbol of Mon people. Mon people are treasure to Hinthar symbol. Hinthar symbol is used as Mon National flag and also used as a blessing logo for Mon people.

You can see a couple of Hamsa birds,the mate on the back of the male. It came with a legend.

. In the far distant past, the area Bago is now situated today was under the shallow sea water. A couple of Hinthar birds had been flying distance. So they wanted to land. Everywhere was water and there was only as small patch of ground.

The spot was a small for both birds to land. So the male landed first and let the mate perch on his back.

That place came to be known as Hintharkone Hill, the resting group of two Hinthar birds.The male is below and the mate is above.



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